Online Retargeting

Retargeting is advertising to customers who have viewed or purchased your products or services. For example, you may have customers fill out questionnaire's or give a piece of personal information when purchasing an item. Ultimately, in order for traditional retargeting to work, a user must voluntarily give up some piece of personal information.

In order for online retargeting to work, however, all a user has to do is visit your website.

A successful online retargeting campaign is built on a smart usage of internet cookies and analytic technology. There are many providers that offer online retargeting services. Yahoo, for example, has an online retargeting service. This page for now will be concerned with the largest and most advanced online retargeting service, Google Retargeting.

Google Retargeting is one of the recent ad innovations from the Google Display Network.

Online Retargeting with Google

When the customer visits the target website, the customer gets a special cookie that you design on their computer. This cookie identifies the user, and is used to relay that information to other sites on the Google Display Network. Depending on which website of yours the customer visits, they become a part of a particular audience. You can have many audiences. You control what ads a particular audience views. Each audience has a unique cookie.

The cookie on the customer's computer communicates with google any time they visit a website on the google ad network. When a customer visits another site on the google ad network, they will periodically see advertisements that you designed for them. Now, you have retargeted the customer. The customer has no idea that you're controlling how often they're seeing your ads. They won't forget you, though.

How long the customer sees the ad, how often they see the ad, and the content of the ad are all controlled by you.

You can have google retargeting on multiple websites, and adjust the cookie settings to move the customer from one audience to another depending on their actions.

Using Online Retargeting effecitvely

The primary strength of online retargeting is that you are broadcasting to a group of users who have already visited your website. These are people far more likely to purchase or continue to purchase your product that outside users. Google Retargeting is as effective as you want it to be. You have a limited amount of time and resources to give your message to a prospect. It's vital to narrow your audience and cater to them.

  • Visitors. Remind visitors of your website, and give them more information about your service.
  • Interested Customers. Show interested customers the different services or items that you provide. Provide a special discount for an item or service that the customer was interested in. Compare your service or good to a competitors to show them the superiority of your product.
  • Previous Customers. Give the customer information about special deals. Show other goods or services to previous customers. Alert them about new goods or services. Let a previous customer learn about your new facebook page or twitter account.

You can also divide and narrow your google retargeting audience lists with particular demographics such as location, interests, etc. to create even more targeted advertisements.

How to retarget

  1. Use the Google Display Network to create a new Audience. Go to the Campaigns tab and select Audiences from the Control Panel & Library link.
  2. Under the New Audiences List, select Remarketing list.
  3. Now, you can enter the information about your remarketing list. Write down the name of the new Audiences group, write a description of the audience you are targeting, and enter the number of days you want to target the audience for.
  4. Next, you have the option to add a remarketing tag. This tells Google who is going to recieve the ad under this audience. You can use other tags later on to create a more specific audience (for example, people who have already visited a different site on your page, or searched for certain things on google.) For now, just select create a new tag.
  5. You will now get the tag to put in your website. Paste the code in the body section on your website. For better performance, you can put the tag by the closing body tag on the page.

Moving forward with Retargeting

These are the basic steps to get off the ground with google retargeting. You can set up an online retargeting campaign, use creative graphics to capture viewer attention, and do many more things to take advantage of this new technology.

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